Properly conceived and executed, a brand film is a showcase for a company's ethos and technology. It’s a visually appealing, evocative, confident and optimistic storytelling device that speaks directly to a target audience – as well as investors and business partners. In other words, a brand film is an investment. It pays in dividends of trust, loyalty and increased business performance.

When you’re ready to bring a brand to life, we have the perfect team for the job.

At VantageFilms, the brand film is our business. Led by Emmy-winning creative director Vasil Hnatiuk, we are a team of expert storytellers offering creative direction, script writing, filming, editing and animation. We have the experience and the know-how to create highly effective and beautiful stories that showcase a company’s products and values.

Our work has been featured in Forbes, Stash, best of Behance, and Vimeo staff picks. We’ve created successful brand films across industries - from fashion to biotechnology - and we’ve worked with leading companies such as AT&T, Acura and Google, just to name a few.