Built with Biology is the premier innovation network for biological engineers, investors, innovators and entrepreneurs who share a passion for using biology to build a better, more sustainable universe. Built with biology hosts a conference in San Francisco each year, which showcases the cutting-edge developments in synthetic biology that are transforming how we fuel, heal and feed the world. And we provide ample opportunities to meet and explore with the bright minds building the bio-economy.
Create a clean modern and unique brand that can be utilized across multiple platforms. Make the conference branding work with different sponsor logos. Have the brand reflect the organic nature of the companies involved with the conference.
The overlapping lines that comprise the Built with Biology 'B' logo form an abstracted representation of the DNA strands by which we are all built. These intertwining shapes naturally and elegantly describe the delicate bonds that bind every living thing together and the importance of the community we share. The lines are lean, smooth, and modern. The Built With Biology logo was created to serve as a banner to rally around for all those looking to build a better future.